What to do when your books don’t give you enough to live as a writer

Luckily, there are alternatives when your books don’t give you enough to live on.
Ironically it’s about continuing to write, but this time for others. I’m going to give you four options that can complement your income.

Alternative #1. Writing as a freelance on other websites

How did I get it? When your books don’t give you enough to live on, you get smarter. I worked out a very detailed plan to achieve that goal. It was as follows:

  1. I wrote the best posts I had ever written on my blog. I focused all my efforts on one in particular, this was it: Android’s market share is literally a joke. More than 2,000 words, graphics, video and what counts most in these cases: a well-founded opinion and bomb-proof data.
  2. I began to share the articles of Applesfera (one of the Weblogs media) mentioning their authors. I commented on the best entries and tried to add value to the conversation. Always in a positive tone, if I didn’t see something good to say, I’d better shut up. I tried to help other commentators if I could.
  3. One of the blogs of the same company organizes an annual event in which there are conferences and products for attendees to try. It is also attended by editors and employees of Weblogs, so it would be the perfect opportunity for networking.
  4. I got a ticket to the event and made sure I was there in time to see and talk to people, even though I didn’t know anyone beforehand. I was lucky enough to be able to talk to some of those who are now colleagues, with whom I spoke normally waiting for an opportunity.
  5. You always have to go to these events with a specific goal in mind. Mine was to exchange email addresses with someone from the company, if possible editor of Applesfera. After chatting with a group of them, I asked one of them if they were looking for writers for the blog. They said yes and I got a contact email
  6. I wrote with a concrete proposal. In the body of the email I attached a couple of links to two articles of which I was especially proud and asked them if we could do a test. I would send them a set of five themes, with their titles, so that they could choose one that I would develop.

Alternative #2. Use your books and blog as a cover letter

When your books don’t give you enough to live on, you have no choice but to be smarter than the average.

If your ebook is about non-fiction, it’s easier to use it as a cover letter for events.

Networking, a sophisticated word for “making contacts”, is fundamental for the writer. If you’re an expert on a subject, an ebook can be the perfect excuse to get new jobs or participate in projects.

People, in general, pay more attention when they know that you have written something about a topic that interests them. It’s a way to stand out from the rest of the homogeneous professionals in the world of work.

Alternative #3. Become a copywriter or ghostwriter

The first of these words is how the writing of texts is known in English.

With the appearance of the web and the digitization of companies, the need to have texts on their pages increases.

Believe me, finding someone who can write well is very, VERY difficult. Anyone can put words together, but from there to having the ability to create a quality text, there is a very long way to go.

Even more so when it comes to companies that aspire to convince and convert those who read them into sales.

When your books don’t give you enough to live as a writer, at least your writing skills can be very useful in this world.

The ghostwriter is what we call “literary black. It works like this: one person hires another to write a book on a particular topic. At the end of the work, the first person will put their name on the book as if they were the real author, keeping all the rights and income generated by the sales.