Interview with Carme Arrufat: author of Fire Fairies and winner of 35 literary competitions

If you’re writing your first ebook, don’t miss out on a very enriching experience from someone who carries many pages behind their back.

Question #1. This question is already a tradition. Carme, tell us why one day you decided to write a book. What pushed you to sit down and type in front of your computer?

As Henry Miller says: “I don’t want to live, if what others do can be called ‘life’, but to express myself”. I think it all started as a necessity. When I was writing I had the feeling of being able to put something in order in my inner world.

Furthermore, I discovered that I was entering the flow in a natural way. Hours passed without me noticing and I felt much better myself, after spending an afternoon writing.

I started writing short stories and stories for adults. I applied for a prize, a little for doing something with the story. And I won. It was a Contest of certain prestige, “Marcel Sentís” by Torroja del Priorat, which had previously been won by several renowned writers.

This gave me wings and I continued writing stories and sending them to competitions.

Question #2. You have several books behind your back, even in paper format. What are some of the most famous?

I have several books in paper format and I’m going to publish them in ebook. I’m a very good reader, and I used to go on vacation with 5 or 6 books in my suitcase.

Now I take my two ebooks (I have 2, a sony and a kindle) and inside there are many books. So I read the one I’m most interested in every moment. By order, in addition to “Fire Fairies”:

“Fonoll de Mar”, which will be published in Spanish with the title “Clara en el Laberinto”, and deals with the Myth of Ariadne, the Minotaur and the labyrinth.

“Dioses y Mendigos”, about the Myth of Aracné. I like to transpose the myth about reality and realize that many of our vicissitudes follow the script of a myth. The title of this novel is inspired by Hölderlin’s phrase, a key figure in German Romanticism, when he says: man is a god when he dreams and a beggar when he thinks…”.

And finally: “Gaudí i el secret de les tres creus”, an adventure lived by the two cousins, together with an English boy, the grandfather of whom came to fight in the international brigades and the grandson wants to find an object that the grandfather left hidden.

To do so, they must follow Gaudí’s route, that is, the Pedrera, the Sagrada Familia, and end up in the Güell Park, where they will be able to discover the secret of the 3 crosses, which is true, this secret exists, and can be verified on the spot. This novel invites you to tour the gaudinian enclaves.

(At the moment these three are only in Catalan, but with the desire to translate them and publish them in ebook).

Question #3. In my experience, I have always published books in digital format so the paper book is a complete unknown to me. How has your experience been publishing books on paper? Is it easy to get a publisher to listen to you and publish your book?

For me at the moment it has more drawbacks than advantages. And let it be clear that I am passionate about the book on paper, with a pencil to underline and write down everything on the margins.

And that I like the way books smell, and I like the touch of some covers… but they have some drawbacks such as the space they occupy and their delivery, which no matter how fast it is, is never as immediate as in the ebook.

It’s true that when your book comes out and you have a paper copy in your hands, it makes a tremendous illusion, but I think that with Createspace that procedure is perfectly solved and you don’t have to have a garage full of boxes of books.

At home there are two of us who write and this point has some suffocating in the basement area.