How to talk about your book without talking about your book, a guide for writers

The maxim to seduce when talking about your book is this: whatever you do, in the end they have to take the step to buy your ebook. Instead of pushing your book towards others, they should be the ones to pull it.

Don’t try to do like my friend and don’t force them to buy them in front of you. You’ll make them feel uncomfortable or worse, they’ll get mad at you.

Below you will find the 3 best tips on how to talk about your book and sell it without looking like it:

1. Write the book your audience wants to read

Writing something original isn’t easy. Getting your book to become a mass phenomenon is very unlikely.This is why many successful writers have decided to do market research in search of what people read and like.

A few months ago we interviewed Pauline O’Brayn, who told us the following (I highly recommend reading her point of view):

I did an in-depth market study: I analyzed what already existed around what I wanted to “sell” and the strengths I already had. It is essential to know “how is the patio before going out to the street”.

2. Friends forever of the mouth-ear

If you want your book to succeed without having to be a nuisance, you need to have your readers on your side. They will make your work known for you, without you having to lift a finger.

When you read a book and it comes to an end, you find yourself in the moment of greatest emotion. All the hours dedicated to getting to that point finally have their end.

It’s the perfect time for the reader thankful for reading to spend a few minutes writing a review about your ebook. Digital books are like apps and you can leave a small comment about them as well as a rating between 1 and 5 stars. Having others talk about you is better than doing it on your own.

You can also ask another person or blog to write a review about your book. It’s more of a networking exercise that you will have to dedicate time to, since no one will publish a review just because you ask for it.

You will have to ask for the review, but with a previous effort. Finally, an ebook press release is one of the most potentially powerful methods you should use to talk about your book.

3 Is your book ready to be a bestseller?

Many authors focus so much on the content of their book that they forget about the continent. Gifts go a lot better than a ribbon, so your book should have the best possible ribbon.

The most logical thing to think about is the cover of your ebook and the importance of elements that appear in it, such as typography.

Nor should you neglect the format of your ebook. Electronic books are not read in the same type of “medium” as a traditional book. They have the advantage that they adapt to any screen of any device prepared to show ebooks. To do this, you have to prepare them in the right way.

4. Make your own business cards

Listen carefully: if and only if someone asks you “Are you a writer? And what have you written,” is when you can talk about your book.

If the person is really interested and so as not to bother or get bored, you can give them a business card with the cover of your ebook on one side and a brief description on the other or really shocking phrase in your book. Don’t forget to put the landing page on the back, so they can find your book on your website.