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day in the life // march 2013

April 4, 2013

I have decided to participate along with Ali Edwards monthly day in the life project. I wasnt prepared to start at the beginning of the year but I think I can pull it off once a month from here on out. It happens during the last week of the month, usually the last day, but since in March that day was Easter Sunday I chose to document Friday the 29th, which I had off work. So this is a fairly typical weekend-ish day for me. Ill be including these photos as an insert in my Project Life as well as the form I used to journal on. 4:30am My alarm went off as usual for a weekday, but since
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meredith was baptized.

March 5, 2013

On Sunday Meredith was baptized. So many thoughts and feelings and moments and difficulties led up to this day. Although I myself was baptized as a child, most of my life was spent in a tradition that doesnt baptize infants but only dedicates them. That is surely what I would have done with Meredith had our church not dissolved at the time of her birth. Instead we found ourselves without any kind of spiritual dedication for her. After a year and a half we finally found ourselves in a church home that we wanted to commit to, and I knew that it was time to include Meredith in that. The church we go to now does baby dedications as well
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heart to heart

February 11, 2013

Nothing like a tragic event to get you thinking about life. Ive been journaling, praying, talking to family & friends, and yet I still have so many thoughts and emotions swirling around inside me. I feel a real need to share whats on my heart to know that Im not alone? To hear some encouragement? I dont know. But bear with me because Im just going to type and I dont know where Ill end up. My uncle died a little over a week ago. It was two days before my birthday, on Superbowl Sunday. I still love birthdays. I know Im getting older but so far I have enjoyed every phase of my life so I still love
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mother-daughter friendship bracelets

January 25, 2013

I got it into my head that I wanted to make matching friendship bracelets for Meredith and myself. I used to whip these up constantly when I was young but havent done it in years, so I actually had to pull up a tutorial to relearn it. It was easy and I finished in a few days. Meredith has gotten so many compliments on her bracelet and I just love having that physical reminder of her on my wrist throughout the day. I dont know how long they will last since we never take them off and they get wet pretty frequently, but we will probably wear them ragged. 0 Like

18 months

January 21, 2013

Oh, 18 months. Full-blown toddlerhood. You are killing me. Sometimes with cuteness, but also with stress. Lets just get the bad stuff out of the way. All of a sudden we have extended tantrums. Im talking nonstop screaming from the time she gets home wont play, throws food in our faces, screams in the car, screams in the bath, violently throwing her body around until the time she goes to sleep. I know that this is normal and will pass, but it doesnt make it any less stressful. I think the most frustrating part is that she is perfectly good and happy in the morning and all day at daycare, and on weekends too. So its not that
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