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list 8 : celebrity crushes

July 1, 2013

Book of Lists is back! And its a super easy project, and fun, so I should be able to keep up with it from now on. The hardest part of this was actually coming up with what to put on my list. You guys, I am so lame and hardly have any celebrity crushes! And they are so fun to have, too, so I really need more. Right now Id say I really only have three. The problem is that I hardly ever watch TV or movies so I dont get a chance to see them in action. Robert Downey, Jr.  Johnny Depp Joseph Gordon-Levitt Im still as terrible as ever at taking photos with the Instax. One of these
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list 7 : id rather be doing

June 3, 2013

Its time for Book of Lists, and this months topic is Id rather be doing. I imagined myself working, or doing something unpleasant, and thought of all the things I could be doing instead. Some of them are fantasy and some are realistic. relaxing in Hawaii with David cuddling Meredith reading a great book working on a craft or creative project visiting my friends across the country hiking, biking, or some other outdoor activity drinking coffee and browsing blogs I am still pretty terrible at taking Instax pictures (probably because I dont do research or practice that often) but its still fun. In this picture is a map of Kauai, Hawaii where David and I went on our honeymoon. Next
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list 6 : with me at all times

May 6, 2013

Its time for Book of Lists! Still loving this little project. When it came down to it I really didnt have all that much to put on this list! Just the basics. my phone something to read lip ointment God In the picture is Lanolin, which I use on my lips, the book Im currently reading (The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler), and my phone. I hate the case its in and Im super excited that I have a new one on the way. Each month when I get out my Instax camera to take a picture for this project Im reminded of how much I love it. Im thinking of doing a month-long Instax challenge sometime this year just for
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list 5 : today i saw

April 8, 2013

Before I share todays list I just wanted to say that I still love this quick and fun monthly project. I know I dont have many people participating, but as I was putting this together (in less than 20 minutes) I was thinking about how perfect it is for me. Its extremely fast and easy to do, something I can work on even when Meredith is around. It gets me using my Instax camera that I really enjoy but tend to forget about. Its an excuse to play with paper and washi tape and write with my nice pen. And it captures a snippet of life at the moment. I am planning on sticking with this indefinitely, until I lose
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list 4 : im good at

March 4, 2013

This months Book of Lists topic is Im good at. This was an encouraging thing for me to think about right now because the last month has been kind of crazy and I havent felt all that good at life. But I know thats just the stress and in reality I am good at a lot of things.  mothering singing organization nursing (both kinds) keeping in touch getting enough sleep routines There are more little things that I know Im good at but these are the ones that came to me and encompass a lot of my strengths. On a side note, I think I look sickly or something in the Instax photo I took, but I love the way Merediths eyes
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