One Month

Saturday, August 20, 2011


>Weighs ten pounds (!) according to my inaccurate bathroom scale

>Lost her umbilical cord stump at three weeks which made me cry

>Outgrew newborn diapers

>Smiles a lot even though were not sure if its the real thing

>Has crazy bedhead every morning

>Likes to nurse A LOT and isnt interested in a pacifier or bottle

>Still has a mild eye infection caused by a narrow tear duct

>Has a very calm personality, unless shes hungry

>Doesnt particularly like baths, but then again shes only had a few

>Can hold her head up pretty well and likes to look around

>Isnt very good at crying, its more like grunting most of the time

>Actually sleeps for a long time every night

>Has deliciously chubby cheeks


>Think bedsharing is the greatest thing ever

>Havent gotten the hang of babywearing yet

>Love kissing Merediths temples most of all

>Havent even thought about losing weight yet, and therefore am still 15 pounds up and voluntarily wearing mostly maternity clothes

>Enjoy taking Meredith out to run errands

>Have been experiencing post-baby nesting instinct, and have actually gotten a lot of organizing done lately

>Am working on putting the finishing touches on the nursery

>Have already nursed in multiple public locations

>Am kind of horrified at the amount of diapers we go through, and cant wait until Meredith is big enough to wear cloth

>Have been watching a lot of TV Project Runway, Design Star, Prison Break, Mad Men

>Still have some lingering numbness in my fingers and tenderness around my incision

>Wonder when the pregnancy line down my belly will go away

>Already miss my newborn and am ready to have a bunch more, if it wasnt for the whole pregnancy thing

>Know Im a mother now, but I just feel like myself

>Could stare at this face forever:

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Comments on One Month

  1. From Amy --- Just A Titch:

    Shes beautiful! So happy for you!


  2. From Sel:

    Happy one month Meredith! Shes so cute! Im glad youre able to get things done with her! I was nervous at first taking my M out so young. But shes such a great sport that running errands with her was a breeze!


  3. From Tabaitha:

    Both pictures are cute but i love the last one, she is adorable. Im sure she will get the hang of the bottle soon. Hang in there.
    Tabaitha recently posted..Random Saturday


  4. From Becky:

    Oh my gosh, a month already where is the time going? She is adorable!


  5. From rachieannie:

    oh the tongue slays me! she is precious kathleen!


  6. From Ashley:

    She is so cute.


  7. From Johanna @ These Prices:

    At 10 lbs, she should be close to fitting into CDs! What kind do you have?


    kapachino Reply:

    We have Fuzzibunz fitted, starting at size small. They still seem so big, but maybe thats because Im used to disposables? Ill try one on again today and see!


  8. From Jennifer O @ Lit Endeavors:

    Omg. Cried when I read your post and saw the baby pics. My youngest started kindergarten last week and I fell apart a little bit. Still trying to recover. Its amazing how precious this time is. You can never get it back. It seems you already know this. Saw your FB pictures and you look just gorgeous, 15 lbs overweight or not.


  9. From tillie:

    she is AMAZINGI am so happy for you and all of your cuteness!!!!! xoxo


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