My Maternity Musts

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I am by no means a pregnancy expert, and I know everyone and every pregnancy is different, but since I have now experienced over nine months of it I figured Id share a few things that have gotten me through.

Supportive shoes

For work I wear the same Crocs that I always did and they work fine, although theyre getting a little tight now. The above Teva sandals are what I wear for practically everything else. They are cushiony and supportive, and are good for everything from wearing around the house to walking the streets of Charleston. I dont have much swelling in my feet, but if I did Id probably need some sandals with less straps than these.

A really good bra & bra extenders

As Ive mentioned several times before, Ive had terrible rib pain with this pregnancy. My old bras were killing me, so I bought a nice, stretchy nursing bra (so I can use it later). But even getting it perfectly sized, the pressure on my ribs was still too much. I didnt even know they made bra extenders, but they have been a lifesaver. I bought some from Target to make the band of the bra bigger without increasing the cup size. It still kind of hurts to wear a bra, but without these I would be miserable.


Im a back sleeper, and thats the one position that isnt allowed during pregnancy. In order to stay propped up on my side Ive been using a pillow like the one pictured to wrap around my whole body. It also helps a lot for comfort. I think that just having a whole bunch of pillows would work too, but my sister-in-law gave me the body pillow and Ive been happy with it.


I tried to spend as little money on maternity clothes as possible, so I wore a lot of items that werent maternity but worked. What carried me through were yoga pants and tons of long t-shirts & tank tops from Old Navy. Sundresses were great for a long time as well. One good pair of maternity jeans were essential, and the last two months Ive been wearing a few maternity dresses, shorts, and tops.


I didnt use this every day, but its a really good thing to have. I wore it with my regular pants when I was just starting to outgrow them, and now Im wearing it again. My long t-shirts arent quite long enough to cover my massive belly, and my scrubs arent very comfortable when theyre tied up, so I wear the BellaBand to hold my pants up and cover my belly. It just looks like another shirt underneath.

Also recommended

>I usually consider massages and pedicures an indulgence, but they became more of an essential when I stopped being able to reach my toes and my back was killing me.

>Im not a bath person, but for so many of my aches and pains my doctor recommended Epsom salt baths, so I do that. I dump about two cups of salt into the tub and soak for 10-15 minutes. I cant say that it takes away the pain, but it does relieve it for a time.

>For carpal tunnel syndrome, a pair of wrist braces are absolutely necessary. If I dont wear these at night I will wake up in tears feeling like my hands are on fire.

>A really awesome husband and family nearby to bring me food and ice cream and help me with chores is a wonderful thing. :)

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Comments on My Maternity Musts

  1. From wishcake:

    I completely agree with you on the BellaBand! I had no idea it would be such a lifesaver. I (luckily) havent gained much weight outside of my belly, so I still fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans/capris. Using the BellaBand has means still getting use out of them and not having to splurge on many maternity pants! Hurrah!

    I really need to see about getting a body pillowpreferably one filled with ice, because I am so uncomfortable these days and freakishly hot. Saaaave me!


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