How Groupon Made Me A Masochist

Thursday, August 12, 2010

During my two weeks off I got pretty used to not wearing makeup. When youre in the hospital for three days and then dont leave the house for the next week theres really no need for it. Through this I discovered something very important about myself: I hate putting on makeup. For that matter, I hate blow-drying my hair and styling it too, but thats a topic for a different day.

Im at the point in my life where I want to minimize things that dont make me happy, and Im making a big push for a simpler lifestyle. Now, Im not willing to go completely bare-faced in public, but I decided to take steps that might allow me to one day do just that.

Enter Groupon. Yall know about Groupon, right? For those of you that dont, let me share the good news: just sign up and theyll email you a deal a day for your city. But be careful, its addicting. Anyway, recently the deal for Houston was $40 for $85 worth of skin care services at Body Envy. Since Id always wanted to try microdermabrasion I figured I might as well get it for cheap!

Last week I went in for a free consultation, and I talked with the esthetician about what the best treatment for my skin would be. Usually microdermabrasion is done in a package of once a month for 6 months, but since Im cheap I only wanted a single session. So the esthetician recommended that I get a mild chemical peel on top of the microdermabrasion, which would penetrate deeper and give me more bang for my buck. Great idea! I thought.

Two days later I was back for my treatment. She cleaned my face twice, then came the microderm. She used a little machine to remove the very surface layer of skin. It stung a little in places, like near my ear and under my eyes, but it goes fast. When that was done she applied a prep for the chemical peel, and that burned like crazy. I had to fan myself and practice deep breathing techniques, but the worst soon passed. The peel itself (lactic acid) wasnt as bad as the prep, but it wasnt a walk in the park, either. She left it there for three minutes or so, then wiped it off with a warm towel and applied a neutralizer. After the whole thing, she put on some lotion and powdered sunscreen, gave me some samples, and taught me what to do at home for the next week.

Right away my face looked mildly puffy, but it subsided after a couple hours.

Not too bad, right? I was warned that because of the combination treatment that I might have a few little scratches on my face, but the next day I woke up to discover this:

For several days I looked like I had an unfortunate run-in with an angry cat. This is pretty much what I looked like when I returned to work, and I got a lot of questions. Mostly, What happened to your face? but there were also some assumptions like, Did you fall? and Did your husband beat you? Just kidding, thats just Davids paranoia. ;)

Its been almost a week, and although I can still feel a few rough spots the worst of it is gone.

Supposedly Ill see the most improvement in my skin after a month or so. I can already tell that it looks clearer and more even than before, and Im hopeful that it will decrease my need for makeup. Even though it wasnt the most pleasant process, I really recommend it. One day Id love to do a deeper peel, but itll have to be at a time that I can stay at home for a couple of weeks, because I dont want to go in public looking like I have a disease.

As far as makeup I wear currently, Ill put on a touch of concealer if I have a blemish, Colorescience Sunforgettable powdered sunscreen spf 30, Bare Minerals powdered foundation spf 15, a little Nars Madly blush if Im going out, and mascara (currently Maybelline Lash Stilleto, but it changes). Im on the hunt for an all-natural blush and mascara. I ditched eyeliner and eye shadow because that was the most annoying part for me, but right now I dont ever see myself giving up mascara.

Here I am today, ready to head to work:

From this picture I see that Ill have to work on those eye wrinkles (getting old!) and I could probably use some lip gloss!

Now your turn. Have you had experience with microderm or chemical peels? What do you think about reducing the amount of beauty products and makeup you use? Any recommendations youd like to share?

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Comments on How Groupon Made Me A Masochist

  1. From Rae:

    Youre braver than I with the chemical peel!

    I share your dislike of spending time on hair and makeup to the extent that this morning I was contemplating the possibility of shaving my head and wearing a wig in order to get out of blow drying and straightening!

    I think that reducing the amount of beauty products one uses is a good thing (we Americans are a bit excessive imo) but I am stuck on foundation, mascara, and eyeshadow when working/caring about how I look in public.


  2. From Chelsea:

    I considered telling you that microdermabrasion and chemicals peels make your face look bad for a few days but I didnt want to be Debbie Downer!

    DONT do anything to your eye wrinkles. Eye wrinkles are the best!! They show happiness and character. I loooove them!


    kapachino Reply:

    Yay eye wrinkles!!

    I knew that my face would look bad for a few days, but I wasnt expecting it to be quite like this! Still, it was worth it.


  3. From C:

    Im with you on minimizing stuff like that. I guess I just dont really care anymore. In college I would do my eye makeup all the time. Now all I do is concealer under my eyes (horrible hereditary dark circleswithout concealer I look like I have black eyes), and Bare Minerals powder foundation with Mineral Veil on the top. Sometimes I will use mascara but mostly I dont mess with it, and I have very light and thin lashes. I just got used to my appearance without it. I honestly doubt if anyone else really notices. I use lip balm and maybe occasionally lip gloss if I remember.


  4. From Leslie:

    Wow thanks for the pics! Ive been wanting to try a peel so its great to see what to expect! The last pic of you is super cute!


    kapachino Reply:

    My pleasure! FYI, the scratches are from the microderm and only showed up because I got the chemical peel on top of it. My peel was pretty mild!


  5. From Spring:

    Ahh! You look so beautiful. I was worried when you said you were getting combined microderm AND a peel, but Im glad it turned out alright. Those scratches, I would guess, are from the microderm and not the peel.

    I didnt have enough room on Twitter to tell you the reason why I got so many peels. I had terrible cystic acne before my wedding, and the dermo wanted to put me on Accutane, but I didnt want to risk it so close to the wedding, so we did bimonthly chemical peels for the weeks leading up to the wedding. Just as soon as my face would stop peeling Id get another peel. It hurt like hell, and I pretty much always looked awful, but it did beautiful things for my skin, and it definitely took care of the acne, though it wasnt a long-term solution. I went on Accutane after the wedding and havent had any problems since.


    kapachino Reply:

    Thanks Spring! The scratches are definitely from the microderm, and they wouldnt have showed up except that I got the peel on top of it. My peel was the mildest one, so I dont know if I would have noticed much if Id gotten it on its own.

    I dont have acne but I do get minor breakouts, and Im hoping this will take care of them for awhile. Ive heard that peels are great for acne scars. You look flawless in every picture Ive ever seen of you, though. :)


  6. From steph anne:

    Okayyouve got me convinced I should do this. Maybe Ill get over the pain Im afraid of and just do it! The only make up I wear is mascara, eyeshadow & eyelinerbasically the eye works.


  7. From Vanessa:

    Chemical peels scare the bejeesus out of me! Maybe Im fortunate to actually enjoy the morning makeup routine?

    Nice blog, BTW. :)


    kapachino Reply:

    My peel was really mild, a great introduction to them. Youre really lucky that you like the morning routine though!

    Nice to meet you. :)


  8. From Amanda:

    Ive always wondered about chemical peels, and now I know! I dont wear a lot of make-up either, and would love clearer skin. Try Avedas mascara, its $20, but if thats the most important then I find its worth it. Thanks for sharing your experience, and the follow on Twitter ;) Looking forward to more from you!


    kapachino Reply:

    Thanks for the mascara recommendation! Thatll be my next one to try. Glad to meet you!


  9. From Uncle David:

    You dont need makeup. You are a natural beauty. Love you.
    Uncle David


  10. From Elizabeth:

    You look radiant! I may be goofy, but I love eye wrinklesto me theyre a sign of a life well laughed. As for makeup, I rarely wear it, so it lasts for years. I splurge a little with Origins because perfume and scents drive me nuts.


  11. From Nora:

    Ive done a chemical peel before and I really liked it; I havent done the microdermabrasion thing. It kind of scares me to think about it but if the results work I really love getting facials and treat myself to one every six to eight weeks (but I guess if I go regularly its not such a treat. ha.)


  12. From Maggie Peroni:

    I have been using Colorscience for years. Mineral is the way to go, so natural and light. I think they make blush too.


  13. From Amber:

    Hi, Im here via Taryn. Ive never done microdermabrasion, but I used to have TCA peels every month in a dermatologists office because my face suddenly went crazy in my mid-20s. Loved the results. When I moved to Texas I started using at-home peels instead of finding a new doctor. I love Peter Thomas Roths Unwrinkle pads. I have looked at the ingredients of a lot of at-home peels and Im convinced that this is one of the best. Obviously its gentler than an office-visit peel, but you could use them every day and still come out way ahead on cash. I have pretty sensitive skin so I do 3x/week on face, hands, and chest.

    I also use a retinol product. My derm was in her 60s and told me she was using retin-A for wrinkle prevention, but again, when I moved I wanted to try something I could get over the counter. Dermadoctors Poetry in Lotion is one of the highest-concentration retinol products that you can just walk into a store and buy, and it is awesome. It does make me a little too rosy so I mostly just use it after the peels. Between that and the peels, things are awesome. And no scratches on my face. ;) (Sorry for the longest comment ever!)


    kapachino Reply:

    So nice to meet you! Im so excited that you mentioned at-home peels. I didnt even know they had those! TCA peels are the deeper peel my esthetician recommended, and Id love to do one someday. But I will definitely check out the Unwrinkle pads, and I should probably look into the retinol as well. Not as young as I used to be. ;)


  14. From dadman:


    those expressions you have on your face are priceless. I was chuckling while reading. And I vote to keep the eye wrinkles.


  15. From Lauren From Texas:

    You are SO pretty. I used to have chemical peels/microderm in college (how I afforded it, I will never know) to attempt to treat acne without medication. It didnt do a whole lot. Now that Im on meds for it, microderm might really help, but alas, I dont want to spend the money on it. Oh well, one day. :)


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