Игровые автоматы онлайн на деньги оплата по смс bestprogi.ru. . buy instagram likes and followers You know that feeling when something so big and unexpected is going on in your life, and your whole worldwhat you thought it was, and your dreams and expectations for the futureis turned upside down, and nothing is the same or will be the same, yet everything is the same and you have to keep on living your lifegoing to work, doing school projects, singing at church (although you give up little things like trying to eat rightinstead you hardly have an appetite one day, and the next you eat nothing but ice cream and greasy fried riceand you forget about trying to keep your exercise schedule even though you know it would help you feel better)but your heart and mind arent in any of it, and the thing that is distracting you is beyond your control, so you are powerless to do anything besides pray, which you do because you are desperate but part of you is skeptical that its actually doing anything, and you feel guilty for thinking such a thought, and the whole thing is just so hard to talk about, yet all you want to do is talk about it, but you have a strong suspicion that soon your friends are going to get tired of it, and they will stop calling to check up on you because they have normal lives and they assume youve adjusted to your situation, and they have nothing left to say to you anyway, and really youre just so scared, you feel so small and isolated, and you think that life has let you down because it wasnt supposed to be like this?

Yeah, me too.

Tips On Getting A Job

October 2, 2007 | 4 Comments

Since I am going to be graduating in May (praise God), I will have to start looking for jobs sometime next semester. At school yesterday there was a speaker who gave us information on writing a resume, interviewing, and negotiating. Some of it I had heard before, but some of it was very interesting. So interesting that I took notes. And I am going to share those notes with you, because I think others may benefit from this information.

• Put it on Cranes pearl white stationary. It will be like a golden beam of light radiating from your resume.
• Instead of an Objective, write a Professional Profile. Ex: A highly committed professional nurse who is interested in working in the operating room. (I wrote that one off the top of my head just now, so dont judge it. You get the idea though.)
• Most people hold papers with their thumb about a third of the way down from the top. Statistics show that the thumb becomes a magnet for the eyes. So this is the area that you should put the most important information, such as work experience or, if youre a new grad, education.

• When you are called by HR and are offered an interview:
~Say: Great! What is your time frame for the interview process? The first person interviewed is the least likely to get the job. Try to be in the second half of the process.
~Ask: Would you mind sending me a job description? Most will in order to prove that they have them. This way you will know about the job and be more prepared for the interview.
~Ask what the appropriate dress is. Most will say business casual, but you never know.
• Build rapport. One way to do this is to monitor the interviewers breathing patterns and to match yours to theirs. This puts you on the same wavelength. I know it sounds wacky, but hey, why not? I just dont recommend monitoring breathing patterns by staring at the persons chest.
• Be prepared for behavioral questions. In other words, have success stories for each part of the job description.
• Dress appropriately
• Be on time
• Turn off your cell phone or pager

• First you have to get an offer. Then say: Thank you! I am very interested, but I made a commitment to myself to review every offer. May I get back with you in four days? Four days is probably the longest they will wait. Also, say the day of the week, dont say in four days.
• Call the other places youve interviewed and say: You are my first choice, but I have an offer with another company. Id really rather work for you though. This way you can find out if they were planning to make you an offer.
• After you have 2-3 offers, call back the place you are most interested in a day before you said youd call. Say: How much negotiating room do you have? Make sure to phrase it like that instead of, Is there room to negotiate? because they answer will probably be no.
• You can say something like, The offer was for $XX,XXX, but I was hoping for closer to $XX,XXX.
• The goal is to increase the offer without losing it.

Interesting, right? Some of this stuff I would have never thought about. Hopefully I will actually be at a place where I have room to negotiate between a few different offers. Of course, most of you probably already have jobs and are all grown up already, but for those of us who took the long way around, its good to know now!

My Poor Heart

October 1, 2007 | 1 Comment

needs your prayers today. It is only so strong.

Thank you, God, that you are strong when I am weak.

When I lived with my parents, there was a church that we would frequently drive by which had a sign out front and its contents were constantly changing. My brothers and I loved it because the sayings were always something funny, witty, or weird. The signs were so creative that my brother David and his friend decided to start naming their songs after it. Thats how they ended up with a song called, Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But Words Form Sentences.

I was extremely pleased to discover that my new apartment complex (which I have lived in for a few months now) is situated right next to a church with a sign out front which changes weekly. The sayings arent quite as funny as the last churchin fact theyre sometimes plain cheesybut it works for me. So I have diligently recorded the last two months of sayings for you, just in case you ever need something to fill up the space on your own church sign:

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity Albert Einstein

A liar needs a good memory.

Its not your aptitude but your attitude that determines your altitude.

Truth is heavy, so few men can carry it!

Only those who are willing to fail greatly can ever succeed greatly.

Smooth seas do not make a skilled sailor.

Average people dont want others to go beyond average.

A man wrapped up in himself makes a pretty small package.

This has been a week of school stress (always that), being sick, my boyfriend being sick, not being able to see my boyfriend because of school stress and us being sick, not being able to run due to being sick, still having to deal with school stress and work despite being sick, all of which culminated in me having a breakdown in my parents kitchen last night over something I took way too personally, something small that really didnt have to do with me but just came at the wrong time. So I left early, and I didnt even have ice cream.

But today I am pet-sitting for my boys, and I have a 103-pound yellow shadow named Riley who slept next to me in the bed until 10 oclock when we got up, who climbed into the shower with me this morning just to be close to me, who somehow knows that I really need some love right now. I have nowhere to be today unless I decide to treat myself to a manicure and pedicure, which I just might do. And oh yeah, I brought a whole half gallon of ice cream home with me from my parents house. So theres that.

Incense Burner

I was studying at a coffee shop today, when one of the employees said to me, I didnt know high schoolers got such big textbooks! I replied, Actually, this is my second degree.

This is a variation on a common question/comment I get about my age. Its one thing to be mistaken for a youngster by an older person, but this guy looked like hes about 19 himself. Im just wondering, at what age am I going to quit being mistaken for a high schooler? Honestly I dont think I look like one.

A Disastrous Day

September 20, 2007 | 3 Comments

Today at lunch I had a fortune cookie, and the fortune read, Today is a disastrous day. If you cant beat em, join em.

Now I ask you: what is up with that?

Today was NOT a disastrous day. Today was actually a very good day! I woke up at 5:30 a.m. at my brothers place because that is where I stay on Wednesday nights now in order to get to my 6:45 a.m. clinical in the med center without having to wake up at an ungodly hour (as if 5:30 a.m. isnt bad enough). At clinical today I was doing an OR observation. I LOVE the OR, and am seriously considering working in that area when I graduate. I was able to put a Foley catheter in a woman for the first time, which is invaluable experience. And it was great because the woman was knocked out so I didnt have to worry about hurting her or making her uncomfortable. Lunch was free, and our post-clinical conference with our instructor was really good. I like my instructor a lot. For dinner I met a friend at Escalantes and had a couple really good enchiladas. When I came home Cleo was as excited as Ive ever seen her, and I like to think that its because she missed me and not because she knew I would take her on a walk. Now Im settling into a quiet evening at home, hopefully to get some studying done.

Does that sound disastrous to you?

In my opinion this fortune cookie company needs to re-evaluate their marketing strategy. I am a completely un-paranoid, un-superstitious, anti-conspiracy kind of person, but I still didnt like getting that fortune. It could have disastrous effects on a different personality type.

WW: Caught Cuddling

September 19, 2007 | 3 Comments

Caught Cuddling

Its Sad When

September 19, 2007 | 2 Comments

Im watching Beauty and the Geek and I relate more to the geeks than the beauties.